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""Tradition does not mean praying to the ashes, but passing on the flame."

Gustav Mahler
The origins of the Winery Regnery leads back to the 18th Century. Grandfather Johann Regnery led the agricultural enterprise to the pure viticulture enterprise. Since four generations we are concerned with the cultivation of vines and the development of fine wines. Today winegrower master Thomas Regnery leads the family wine property in Poelich at the River Mosel.


Our vineyards lie in the core locations of the Poelicher Held, Koewericher Laurentiuslay, Kluesserather Bruderschaft and Mehringer Blattenberg. 75 % of the vineyards are planted with Riesling Grapes. In the steep sites only Riesling is cultivated. The partially over 50 years old vines in connection with the slate soils, result in unmistakable, singular wines, which made the Mosel world-famous. In the steep sites we harvest grapes/clusters of the sorts Rivaner, Weissburgunder and Chardonnay. For about 14 years we cultivate red vine from the grape sorts Spaetburgunder and Dornfelder.

Wine development

Within the wine development we try to combine ancient knowledge with modern technology.
That means in the detail:
  • no pumping of the mash
  • pre clearing by sedimentation
  • classical red wine preparation
  • classical bottle fermentation for sparkling wine


We produce a variety of half dry, and lovely to noble-sweet Riesling wines of the top class. Winegrower's sparkling wines made in the traditional bottle fermenting procedure, noble spirits and fine liqueurs.
Winery Johann Regnery
Olkenstrasse 6 - D-54340 Pölich - Tel. 06507 / 3084
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